Glass balustrades are the perfect solution for ensuring safety and protecting views.

At Glass Productions, we offer a range of glass balustrades, individually designed for your specific requirements.

Glass Handrails will provide a spectacular result every time, making the most of the views with clean lines and simple installation. We provide the perfect glass solution without interrupting that all important view, adding elegance and functionality to define boundaries and ensure safety.

The flexibility of this system allows for a multitude of uses for both new build and refurbishments in domestic and commercial applications. This flexibility allows for surface or face fixing to concrete or steel with a surface mounted or recessed base detail.

A balustrade is simply defined as a railing or panel at the side of a balcony or staircase installed for safety reasons, to prevent people falling or injuring themselves. Though practically designed and installed for safety, at Glass Productions we don’t believe this should take away from the style and design of the balustrade. We not only fit your glass balustrade, we also design, manufacture and supply it as well, and our glass balustrades can be used in both domestic and business environments.

Having worked with a number of businesses and individual clients, we understand the importance of combining a truly professional design with practicality and usability. Whether it’s a home based project or one for a work environment, our expert team are on hand to design and install an individual glass balustrade for you.

Views are often the selling point of a property but are sometimes obscured by the need for balcony walls, handrails and panels. Glass balustrades and handrails provide the perfect solution to the problem “How can I ensure safety and define boundaries without ruining my view?” Boundaries are defined, safety is taken care of and all views remain as stunning as ever.

The benefit of using Glass Productions comes with our belief that views are there to be admired, not distorted by your home or business additions.

The flexibility of our balustrades and handrails allows for use with both old and new buildings, as well as commercial offices and domestic homes. Our glass additions allows for a number of uses and can be mounted or attached to different surfaces.

Get in touch with Glass Productions today for more information about glass balustrades, handrails and installation in your property. Regardless of project size or property, we can design the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

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