Glass Partitions

Best Quality Glass Partitions at affordable prices!

Have you ever considered the benefits of glass partitioning?

A full length frameless glazed partition system gives your office a spacious feel allowing the maximum amount of light through. This stylish glass partitioning provides an attractive ‘wow’ factor to your workspaces.

Create the perfect ‘wow’ on office space with glass partitions. Which are the perfect way to create a room divide whilst keeping your home or office space in tact.

Often, a worry with dividing home or office space is loosing light and making the area as a whole look smaller and more confined. However, partitions allow you to get around this issue. You can ensure that natural light flows through your office and the space keeps its ‘open and airy’ feel.

When creating an office environment from scratch or giving your existing space a make over, glass partitioning should always be considered and if viable, given a go.

The Benefits of a glass partition:

  • Is visually professional
  • Allows light into a room
  • Separates separate offices and boardrooms
  • Provides a ‘wow’ factor for any working environment
  • Ensures your space has clean lines throughout

At Glass Productions we provide a range of full-length frameless glass partitions to give your office space an open spacious feel, whilst separating any rooms of private offices that require privacy. Not only do they work on a practical level, they add a sense of professionalism to an office and provide the perfect ‘wow’ factor for visiting clients or guests.

To create an open feel office space we provide and efficiently fit frameless doors and frames to fit your specific office size and requirements. Whether it is a small personal office that requires glass partitioning to ensure it remains and feels part of the larger office as a whole, or an entire office that needs a revamp, we have the tools to design a specific plan for you.

We take into account the specific requirements of the space and what you want to provide the product to suit your needs. By considering every project on an individual basis, you can rely on us to provide a truly individual experience.

Download the full product specification PDF here: Techinal Information