Glass door


Glass door

Have you considered enhancing your home or office space with a glass door?

Frameless glass doors create a fabulously contemporary look in any room, allowing light to flood the space with a clear glass finish, yet allowing for privacy when you choose a sandblasted finish.

Glass doors are a modern way to have a much needed room separation, whilst keeping the light flowing around your home or office.

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Choosing a glass door can seem like a difficult challenge; size, sliding or static and final glass finish are all things to consider. However, at Glass Productions we are able to help.

Our glass doors are designed to it any and all door frames and are easy to fit so you don’t have to worry about the time needed for your new door to be installed.

There are a number of benefits to installing a glass door, including:

  • Light – A glass door allows light to flow freely from room to room.
  • Visual – Visually, glass doors create a large looking space without ‘cutting off’ space by dark, closed doors.
  • Contemporary feel – Glass doors are a relatively new consideration to those who are revamping their home or office and are sure to appear modern and contemporary to visitors and guests.

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Though there are a number of positives to having a glass door, or many glass doors, sometimes individuals worry about privacy. At Glass Productions we are able to ensure all privacy remains when necessary through our variety of glass finishes.  Regardless of whether your requested door is a sliding door, a hinged door or a frameless door, we are able to advise on the best way to ensure privacy remains.

Our glass doors are made to measure, professionally created additions to your home or office. Whether it’s a sliding door or a hinged door, we have got it covered. We consider every glass door design on an individual basis so you can remain confident that the service and product you are receiving is specifically chosen for you and your requirements.

All our glass doors are protected to ensure they are completely safe and installed to the highest professional standard. At Glass Productions, we provide custom products to fit the exact size of your doorframe and with our experience and expertise you can be sure you are in great hands.

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