Glass Juliet Balconies

Glass Juliet Balconies in UK

Glass Juliet Balconies

Have you considered installing a Juliet balcony in your property?

Install a Juliet balcony and you won’t be able to drag yourself away from the sunshine and breeze flowing through your home.

Juliet balconies are the ideal solution for those wanting to bring the outside into their home. They allow individuals to have a large glass door on an upper floor of their property to let in light and air, without the worry of falling or the stress of building a larger balcony.

Glass Juliet balconies are a modern take on a balcony and create the appearance of added space, giving you the opportunity to bring the outside in. Juliet balconies allow for a wide range of different designs and can be used on most properties.

There are a number of benefits to installing a Juliet balcony into your home, including:

  • Ease – Juliet balconies can be installed efficiently and without disruption to your home.
  • Visuals – Visually, Juliet balconies add an extra dimension of creativity to your property and sit neatly against your large, floor-length windows.
  • Outside – Juliet balconies allow you to bring the outside into your home.
  • Space – The feel of extra space is immediately apparent with Juliet balconies as they break up the often boxy feeling of four bare walls.

At Glass Productions we provide glass Juliet balconies to fit any home. Whether you are in need of a small and simply balcony or something more extravagant, we are able to help.

By definition Juliet balconies do not protrude out of the property and sit close against the wall, usually comprising of a balustrade or metal barrier across the front. This allows for doors or large French windows to be opened without the risk an individual falling.

Juliet balconies get their name from the play Romeo and Juliet, where audiences see the character of Juliet standing at her balcony.

Juliet balconies are ideal for creating a flow from the inside of a property with the outside. However, Juliet balconies differ from a usual balcony, as they are made simply of a glass door and rail or panel, it is not possible to stand, sit or utilise the balcony, making them perfect for properties without existing balconies or a lot of outside space.

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