Glass canopies


Glass canopies

Glass canopies are the perfect addition to any home, office space or shop.

Have you considered enhancing your home or workspace with a tailor made glass canopy? With a unique glass canopy created to fit your specific design and measurements, your space will not only be maximised to it’s best, but look and feel like a truly professional, high quality environment.  At Glass Productions we have a highly skilled team who are able to create the perfect glass canopy for all of our clients, regardless of size and design.

Glass canopies bring style to your home, office or shop and are a truly unique addition to any environment. Installed on the outside of the building, glass canopies are not only practical in providing shelter from the weather, but they also create a modern appearance, really setting your space apart from others.

Creating an individual style is vital for many businesses to set them selves apart from their competitors and to convey a professional, contemporary look to potential customers or clients; glass canopies do just that.

With clear glass used for our glass canopies, no light is blocked from your doorway or the space in which it is covering. Light is able to flood through the canopy creating no unsightly shadows or darkness.

At Glass Productions we are on hand to provide you with the perfect glass canopy. We take into account your individual needs, your requirements and the space the glass canopy is for to provide a truly unique, made to measure addition to your home, office or shop.

Any size. Any space. Anywhere.

You can be confident that your glass canopy will be made to a high standard, efficiently delivered and professionally installed by our expert team.  We provide a vast range of canopies for any design and budget and can accommodate your specific requirements.

With Glass Productions bespoke glass canopies, you will have protection from the weather whilst maintain a modern exterior.  All our glass canopies are made from the best materials and fitted by experts in the field, keeping you in safe hands.

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