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Product Model: GP-01DRS
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Glass Productions provides toughened glass doors for office meeting rooms and residential properties We Manufacturing glass doors made to your required measurements at very competitive prices, including a range of delivery options. Please note! you will need provide measurements what size door you will need, it might change the price, will be dispatched after 10 working days when measurements agreed and drawings confirmed. We offer a first rate custom cut glass door service, where we cut glass door to your measurements. Maximum height 2700mm, maximum width 1100mm, with 6,8,10 and 12mm thickness options available. 10mm toughened clear glass doors, complete with door fittings £370.00 per door (inc VAT). Thicker (heavier) glass transmits less sound than thin glass. Thick glass is very effective at stopping low frequency traffic noise, while thinner laminated glass is effective at controlling the mid-range frequencies of human conversation, etc. A laminate of thick layers combines the best of both methods. It will take 12 working days to manufacture and deliver the product, delivery to North and East London areas is free.

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Weight50 kg
Dimensions800 x 10 x 2000 cm

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Product Model: GP-01DRS

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