Glass Partitioning for offices or workspaces

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Product: Glass Partitioning for offices or workspaces
Product Model: GP-PRT
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Frameless glass partitions with minimalist design

Frameless glass partitions are a great way to create a beautiful office environment. Glass Partitions is An ideal way to separate work areas yet still allow light and interaction throughout your entire office space.

Price is for 10 square metre Glass partition including 1 pivot door non self closing floor to ceiling. Glass Partition size is 4 metres run and 2.5 metres high, but we can make any size Glass partition. Please email us for quotation of Glass Partitions. Our frameless glass partitions are fixed to the existing walls and ceiling of your office using an aluminium frame. To join the glass to glass partition panels we will either use clear plastic strips and a clear silicon sealant to create a fabulous frameless effect for our glass partitions.We take safety very seriously. Clear 12mm or 10mm thick Toughened safety glass is used for Glass Partition panels. These have been tested to the highest safety standards. Frameless Glass partitions, this product is a perfect Glass partitioning system for normal office use where standard performance is the prerequisite. Sleek, symmetrical head and base tracks, Frameless door and crystal clear dry joints, give the glass partitioning system a minimalist appearance. A choice of frame colour and several glass door options can be combined to create stylish Glass partitions for modern office spaces

Glass Partition Specification

Non-fire rated clear toughened safety glass partitions can be made to the following sizes:

  • 10mm – maximum height 2600mm
  • 12mm – maximum height 3000mm
  • Maximum module width is 1600mm


  • Sleek, minimalist appearance – head and base track for Glass partitions
  • Crystal clear PETg dry joint or silicone joints
  • Choice of two glass door options
  • This Glass partitioning system can achieve up to 33dB (Rw) with 10mm or 12mm thick toughened safety glass. The single glazed Glass partitioning system meets the requirements for normal office use based on British Standards and Document N of the Building Regulations.

See our full range of glass partitions, if you are having trouble finding the product you need, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Product Model: GP-PRT

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